7 unbeatable reasons for owning a leather jacket

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Rough, tough and edgy– the leather jacket. Once you put it on you have this fearless rocker moment, this no-one-will-mess with-me-today-vibe and this I´m-going-to-rock-the-day-attitude. I am a huge believer of  how clothes can effect your mood.  When I´m wearing a feminine, flowing, flower dress for example I instantly get this girly kind of princess mood, having a bright smile on my face, lightly spinning through the streets with my arms spread out (ok, maybe the last thing is only happening in my head but you get the point!). Anyway, sometimes days aren´t that pink and my mood screams for something edgier and that´s when my leather jacket comes in handy. But that´s only one of so many reasons why my leather jacket can sometimes be a lifesaver. Here are some more:

1. Layering

The leather jacket is a great layering piece and therefor perfect for spring and fall. Wear a cardigan or a comfy knit sweater underneath, top it of with a long scarf and a beanie and you are good to prepared for the chillier days.

2. Kick it!

A leather jacket can give even the plainest outfit this special kick. Denim jeans, white tee, booties and your cool leather jacket. OMG, this is everything but plain.

3. Versatile

There are a million..no..trillions of options to combine your leather jacket. You can wear it with plaid, stripes, your LBD (little black dress), a printed shirt, denim, lace, knit, sweaters and even over dresses. Eeeeendless options!

4. Timeless

The leather jacket has been on vogue over decades and I have this feeling that it won´t change. The key is to update the items you wear it with. For now, I could definitely see me wearing it over an all denim look.

5. Any Age

Depending on fit, cut and color the leather jacket is for any age. While young people could focus on details like studs, fringe or different colors, older people could consider to wear a leather jacket in brown and beige shades with a nice fit.

6. Travel

Wearing a leather jacket when travelling has many benefits. First of all it´s pretty comfy, secondly you won´t feel too cold or too warm and thirdly you will look super stylish. My go-to airplane outfit includes my most comfortable skinny jeans, a fitting shirt, an easy-on and easy-off pair of cool sneakers, my leather jacket and a scarf that can double as a blanket. Voilá!

7. Unexpected

Give a feminine outfit an edge by combining your leather jacket with something ladylike like a lace dress for that unexpected wow-effect.

Isn´t the leather jacket the coolest invention ever? Hell yes it is! I hope this post has given you some inspiration for your next super stylish look incorporating the leather jacket. Have fun playing a little bit around with this awesome piece!

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Leather Jacket- Zara// ripped black jeans- asos// striped crop top- forever21// shoes- LOFT (similar here)// bag- Rebecca Minkoff SALE

Spring Cleaning! Clear out your wardrobe step by step

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There are 2 sisters: one sisters room is always clean and neat, whereas the other sisters room is always a mess. It´s like a general law of nature. Unfortunately, I fall under the second category, which is also called the it-looks-like-a-troop-of-monkeys-crashed-into-your-room-looking-everywhere-for-a-hidden-banana-catagorie. It´s not fair if those kind of things happen to you. Why can´t they look for their stupid banana in my sisters room? Anyway I have to accept that I got the part of  being the messy sister, which actually makes me an expert when it comes to clean things up (lot of practice). Since it´s spring and that´s the time for a good spring cleaning (no matter what kind of sister you are), I thought it would be helpful to share some tips about clearing out your wardrobe. No fear! Just because “wardrobe” includes the word war, it doesn´t mean that it has to be a war. Just follow some simple steps.

Step one: Divide your clothes (optional)

Divide your clothes in main activity (e.g work, school), , special occasion ( e.g dates/ night outs/wedding), hobby/ sport and home (PJ, sweat pants..). That´s a good way to maintain a clear overview.

Step two: Separate (main part)

open up 4 boxes and mark them as: “Keep“, “Fling“, “Maybe” and”Repair” .

Keep: You either love this piece and you wear it a lot or it´s classic and timeless so it can be wore any time. If not fling it! There is one exception (and I swear that´s the only one). If the piece of clothes reminds you of a special moment like your prom dress or the jacket you wore on your first date with your special boy/girl (not that I have one, just saying).  You can keep it, but in a clear storage.

Fling: Because you never wear them, they don´t fit, they are out of trend or they are just bot flattering. First of all congratulation that you have released some of your clothes. Now there are a few possibilities how to get rid of them. You can donate them, give them to a second hand store, sell them on ebay or trade with your best friends. Someones trash is another ones treasure plus it is super fun!

Maybe: This pile shouldn´t be too big. Now, go through it again! Is it your size, is it flattering, is it you? If not so let it go! Just let it go! If you really can´t decide hang them back but mark them. If you haven´t touched them after 3 month, toss them. For good.

Repair: Get just the pieces you really love repaired and fling the other ones. It´s definitely not worth it.


So now it´s time to hang the lucky pieces that have survived your segregation neatly back in your closet. I think this great strategy helps to decide whether you really need this piece of clothes or not. It makes clearing up your wardrobe so much easier and helps you to get more organized. At the end of the day it´s a big advantage to get rid of old things you don´t need anymore. You can decide way faster what to wear in the morning, you won´t say ” I don´t have anything to wear!!” anymore and (the best part) you have more space for new clothes and you can actually see what you really need. So let´s do it! Good luck!

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6 amazing tips to work an all white look

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Working an all black look? Sure! But an all white look? That´s only something for dentists (my past self would say)! But not anymore, since the monochromatic white look is one of the hottest trends right now.  It´s refreshing, simple and different. Wanna try it ? Here are 6 lifechanging tips and tricks to rock an all white outfit!

1. Texture

Isn´t it always on my lists of tips? I guess it must be very important. Anyway, If you don´t want that your outfit looks too flat, add some texture. Here is one example: Wear a white jeans (maybe ripped) with an junky white knits sweatshirt and if it´s summer you could wear a sheer white blouse instead. It will add some dimension and your outfit doesn´t appear too plain.

2. Shape

Create some structure! If you wear an over sized pullover/ jacket, put on a tight pants for example. It´s all about balancing the look.

3. Shades

You don´t like it too monochromatic? White has many different shades. Experiment with dove, light beige, ecru pure white.

4. A splash of color

In my example I just wrapped a light blue sweater around my waist to pull my look together. I like the softness and elegance of this color and I also loved to play with some chic pieces like my blouse and some casual pieces like my jeans and sweater. But if you really want to liven up your outfit add some colorful accessorizes like bolt shoes or a bright clutch. Great tip especially for the summer!

5. Jewelry

Spice up your white outfit with metallic jewelry for a more cool and casual vibe. If you want to look sophisticated and chic try gold jewelry. That´s my I-rule-the-day-like-a-greek-goddess-look!

6. Confidence

That´s easier said than done! I knooow… But don´t be afraid. Experiment with different white pieces from your closet and have fun. You might be surprised how many fashionable looks you can create out of white pieces you already own.

I guarantee that you are going to rock this trend this season. Just keep those little tricks in mind ans nothing can go wrong. Got it?Awesome, let´s go white!



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Jeans- Hollister// Shoes- Vince camuto// Sweatshirt- Zara (SALE)// Blouse- Ann Taylor// Ring- Boohoo