5 convincing reasons to wear hats



To be honest, I´ve never been a hat girl. Not because I didn´t think, that it wouldn´t look good. No, not at all! It was just out of my comfort zone. You can ask all my friends, who had gone with me through the same scenario every time we went shopping. I would run into a store and I would grab the first hat I see, put it on and check myself in the closest mirror, only to realize that I like it, but I´m just to shy to actually buy and wear it. By the time I literally have already run around with 100 different hats in 100 different stores, I finally bought myself my very  first sun hat. Wow Célin, you stepped out of your comfort zone and didn´t give a fu**. Nope I was actually forced to buy one for my vacation in Hawaii, because I get sun burns on my sculpt all the time. And now I just can say:”thank you fashion god for literally throwing a hat in face (or on my head), forcing me to finally wear one!”

If you´re having the same I-love-hats-but-I´m- to-shy-to-wear-them-issue, here are 5  reasons, that should convince you to finally buy this nasty thing!

1. Laziness

For those days, when even dry shampoo doesn´t work anymore, but you still don´t want to  can´t take a shower. Put on a hat! Or you don´t want to spend hours on planning super stylish outfit and you´re just feeling like wearing a simple shirt, some denim shorts and cute sandals. Put on a hat! BAM, you transformed basic into wow! You can really make a statement without putting too much effort in it. You will be noticeable yet mysterious.

2. Protection

We don´t wanna forget the actual reason people wore hats, before they became a fashion statement. Protection! Yes, it´s an super stylish way to protect your skin from the sun in the summer and to keep your head warm in the winter. Beanies for example will give you a casual vibe, whereas fedoras can make a chic outfit. Which brings me to my 3. reason.

3. Changing looks

Hats can completely change your look. Feeling girly today? Choose a hat with a wide brim. You´re looking for something more tomboyish, cool or/and sporty? Try a snapback or a beanie. You now what I love to do and what is a real game changer? Work in opposites! Wear a dress and cap or distressed denim and a fedora. You can get super creative.

4. Frame your face

Find the right hat by simply trying on as many different kinds as possible to find out what works the best for you! (like I did a hundred times)

5. Look taller

We got you Ne Yo! That´s the real reason, why you are wearing a hat in every single of your music videos, little man.


Hats are so much fun to play around with, dress up a little and transform a normal outfit into a head turner. Back in the 60´s, hats were an essential part of everyone’s outfit and my grandma would even rock a fedora, while shopping some groceries. Ohh Granny, you really knew how awesome and convenient hats are. You should have told me earlier and you would have saved me a lot of trouble finally buying one!

I hope, I could convince you guys! Best luck, finding the right one,

xoxo Célin




summer look


urban outfitters look






safari look




Hat- Urban Outfitters// Shorts- H&M (SALE)// Shirt-Asos// Booties- Vince Camuto// Necklace- house of harlow// Bracelet- Chan Luu