Book Report: Michelle Phan Make Up


michelle phan book


Michelle Phan- Make Up Guru, Founder of FAWN (for all women network), Co-Founder of, Creator of her very own Make Up line and now she also has published a book. Is there something she can´t do? Probably not! Her secret? Pure passion! I have been watching her YouTube videos from early on and I didn’t miss a single one.  I swear! No surprise that I had to get her book. So I thought it would be a good idea to tell you guys a little bit about her book: Michelle Phan Make UP- your life guide to beauty, style and success online and off. Her book is structured in different categories and I am going to write a few words to every main topic she is talking about. It should give you an idea what this book is about. Ready? Let´s go!

1. My life so far

This chapter is divided in to parts. Part 1 is about her childhood. So some people might think that reading about how someone became potty trained, found her/his first friend in elementary school and dealed with his/her first pimple in high school is very boring. True that! But I found her story very unique and inspiring, so it´s worth taking a look at it.  Part 2 is about her career. It was great to read how she has changed from a shy beauty vlogger to a powerful, confident business woman.

2.Make Up

Definitely the main part in her book (no surprise). There is no Make-Up issue or beauty product she doesn´t mention in this chapter. Lipsticks, Foundations, Mascara, her skin care routine, the 5-step make up instruction, hair dying, nail shapes, face types, cleaning your brushes etc. This chapter is more than helpful, especially for young girls, starting with make up.

3. Fashion

Definitely my favorite part of the book. Her fashion chapter includes great tips and tricks to organize your clothes, find your style and built your wardrobe. She teaches you in what clothes you should invest, what body type you are, and how to dress for different occasions. Very important!

4. Digital Dos and Don´ts

Michelle Phan literally lives in a digital world, especially because of her job. But I think we do, too. Having our phone almost attached to our right hand, being part of all the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, texting our friends 24/7… all those things makes us part of the digital world. We often forget that in this special world rules exists, as well. Luckily Michelle also refers to this topic by talking about the dos and don´ts, explaining how dangerous it can be if you don´t pay attention and additionally she gives some helpful tips for a digital detox.

5. Job

This chapter mentions everything from finding a job, writing an application, having a job interview, through to the right behavior at your work place.

6. modern manners

Unfortunately, I see people with bad table manners way too often. But it is so important to know how to behave! Don´t you want that others (like your date, business partner or even friends) have a good impression of you? If yes ( and that´s the only right answer), read Michelle´s guide She explains all the basics everyone should know for example how to set the table, make eye-contact, shake hands…

7. My conclusion

This book is well written, clearly structured and it contains very important tips, not only when it comes to make up. She teaches all the basics a young modern woman needs to know in order to achieve her dreams and be successful in this world. Consider her as your lifestyle guide.

I have to admit that I already knew a lot of things she has mentioned in her book, since I´ve learned a lot about behavior and manners from my mom (Thank you Mom! You are the best!) and I already knew a lot about Make Up, since I am addicted to her YouTube videos. But if you noticed that you don´t really know a lot of the things I mentioned earlier, you should definitely go and get that book! The information, she is providing is crucial. Last but not least I have to say that her passion inspires me th most and I am thankful that she shares it with everyone. You can really tell how much love she put in it ( she must have poured her heart into this book)!

I hope that this post gave you some helpful information about her book! Best wishes and lot´s of love,


My 10 unbeatable everyday beauty essentials


beauty essentials

Imagine we are sitting on my couch with a cucumber face masks on our cheeks, talking about make up and the latest beauty trends. I love exchanging experiences and sharing some tips with each other.  That´s what best friends do! So let´s get started:

I usually use the following products on my every day bases. I don´t like to overdo my make-up, that´s why I try to keep it as simple and natural as possible. I probably own less make-up than you do. Seriously! My trick is to use one products for different purposes. Doesn´t make any sense? Here is an examples: I use lipstick not only for my lips, but also for my cheeks as a blush. Saves a lot of money, you could spent on more important things-like shoes;)

So what I basically do every day is moisturizing my skin with my Nivea cream. Yes, that´s right. No fancy, a thousand bucks, high end, anti-aging, makes-your-face-looks-like-a-baby-butt-cream.  I have very dry skin and a simple inexpensive Nivea cream works for me.

It´s a fact that flawless skin and chocolate don´t go very well with each other. But since I am having such a sweet tooth, the only solution is a good concealer for any blemishes caused by certain chocolate snack attacks. And of course for under eye circles after long nights. I am using Maybelline´s fit me concealer in shade 15 (it´s very light).

I am probably using my favorite lose powder from kiko (shade 03) since I am 16 (now I am 19). That´s how much I love this product! It´s really light and natural looking, perfect for every day. Since it comes with a sponge under the lid, you can take it everywhere with you if you need to reapply.

naked pallet

Since I  have got my naked pallet, I barely bought any new eye shadows, because this pallet contains everything you need. I use color 1 for contouring my eye brows. Color 2 for my lid. Color 3 for highlighting my brow bone and the inner corner of my eyes. And with number 3 and an angled brush I am drawing my eye line. So I saved an eyebrow pencil, an highlighter and an eyeliner.  Pretty cool, right?

Last step for my eyes is using my favorite mascara from Maybelline called “illegal definition”. I always say that you don´t need a super expensive mascara, because no one would ever come to you and say: “Omg, I can tell that you used a super cheap mascara on your lashes today.” I swear! As long as it´s working for you, and the ones from Maybelline totally do, you don´t have to spend a lot of money. Oh, and I definitely can´t go without my eyelash curler, because god blessed me with super straight lashes. But I am n0t complaining, because he also created the human being who invented the eyelash curler.

Last but not least my all time blush for rosy cheeks from Benefit. It´s called “coralista-take a pleasure trip to Rio” ( I always love creative packaging names). The blush simply gives a little bit of color for a nice taint and it also highlights your cheekbones.

Finally the last finishing step is applying some lip gloss from essence, which matches my blush perfectly. It´s called “02 my favorite milkshake” (and another cute packaging name).

Drum rolls please- drrrrrrr-my make up is done! I hope this post gave you some good information about my everyday look, which is really simple yet suitable for the daily use. Good luck to you and best wishes,