Spring Cleaning! Clear out your wardrobe step by step

wardrobe cleaning

There are 2 sisters: one sisters room is always clean and neat, whereas the other sisters room is always a mess. It´s like a general law of nature. Unfortunately, I fall under the second category, which is also called the it-looks-like-a-troop-of-monkeys-crashed-into-your-room-looking-everywhere-for-a-hidden-banana-catagorie. It´s not fair if those kind of things happen to you. Why can´t they look for their stupid banana in my sisters room? Anyway I have to accept that I got the part of  being the messy sister, which actually makes me an expert when it comes to clean things up (lot of practice). Since it´s spring and that´s the time for a good spring cleaning (no matter what kind of sister you are), I thought it would be helpful to share some tips about clearing out your wardrobe. No fear! Just because “wardrobe” includes the word war, it doesn´t mean that it has to be a war. Just follow some simple steps.

Step one: Divide your clothes (optional)

Divide your clothes in main activity (e.g work, school), , special occasion ( e.g dates/ night outs/wedding), hobby/ sport and home (PJ, sweat pants..). That´s a good way to maintain a clear overview.

Step two: Separate (main part)

open up 4 boxes and mark them as: “Keep“, “Fling“, “Maybe” and”Repair” .

Keep: You either love this piece and you wear it a lot or it´s classic and timeless so it can be wore any time. If not fling it! There is one exception (and I swear that´s the only one). If the piece of clothes reminds you of a special moment like your prom dress or the jacket you wore on your first date with your special boy/girl (not that I have one, just saying).  You can keep it, but in a clear storage.

Fling: Because you never wear them, they don´t fit, they are out of trend or they are just bot flattering. First of all congratulation that you have released some of your clothes. Now there are a few possibilities how to get rid of them. You can donate them, give them to a second hand store, sell them on ebay or trade with your best friends. Someones trash is another ones treasure plus it is super fun!

Maybe: This pile shouldn´t be too big. Now, go through it again! Is it your size, is it flattering, is it you? If not so let it go! Just let it go! If you really can´t decide hang them back but mark them. If you haven´t touched them after 3 month, toss them. For good.

Repair: Get just the pieces you really love repaired and fling the other ones. It´s definitely not worth it.


So now it´s time to hang the lucky pieces that have survived your segregation neatly back in your closet. I think this great strategy helps to decide whether you really need this piece of clothes or not. It makes clearing up your wardrobe so much easier and helps you to get more organized. At the end of the day it´s a big advantage to get rid of old things you don´t need anymore. You can decide way faster what to wear in the morning, you won´t say ” I don´t have anything to wear!!” anymore and (the best part) you have more space for new clothes and you can actually see what you really need. So let´s do it! Good luck!

lots of love,



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Gift project: DIY calendar

diy planner

What to give your best friend for her birthday ? I am asking this question myself every year and it always takes ages before I find the right answer. Imaginary high five if  you have the same problem! Oh yes!

I love to give something personal. Something she can use. That´s why I usually think about her hobbies, her passion or her current situation at first. Does she like to do sports? Maybe you could buy her a personalized drinking bottle or any sport essentials. Does she love cooking? Write her a cook book with her or your favorite recipes. Is she moving to a new apartment? Buy her nice decoration or kitchen essentials for her new home and so on. I think you got the point. Try to put yourself in her shoes and think about what she would probably like to have. I know it is sometimes very difficult, because especially best friends, moms and dads tend to already have everything.

My best friend will go to collage in March. So I thought about things she may need as a student. ” Studying is all about organization”, was the first thought popping into my mind. Since she is going to write a lot of exams and she has to participate in different classes, she definitely needs a new calendar!

I love special gifts, so I wanted something uique for her as well. That´s why I personalized her calendar. When you decide to do something like this, I would recommend to go on Pinterest to get some inspiration. I love this app!  And here you can see my result:


scrab book ideas

 I made a little folder in the front, where she can put some notes in. For example the grocery list.

pimp up your agendar

 I also prepared pages, where she can write down her bright ideas or a to do list.

diy calendar

 She also got a special message for her Birthday.

best friends diy

Every month I put a special note, quote or message on one page

washi tape



smash book


I think this calendar is a really unique and thoughtful present. I hope this post gave you some inspiration for your next gift project. Good luck!

XOXO Célin

PS: I got all the supplies (paper, washi tape, sticker, little folder) from Micheals.

Breakfast Routine


Waking up in the morning isn´t that easy, especially when the alarm clock usually rings at 7 o´clock. You can´t tell me that there is someone out there, who jumps right out of his bed when he hears the first ring. Besides it is Christmas! Than I totally understand the hurry. But on the other 364 days I roll out of my bed like a zombie out of his coffin. Anyway, this is the same way how I and probably any other person in my age starts the day. But when it comes to breakfast the opinions are divided. Some people enjoy their breakfast with a cup of hot coffee and eggs, others just head out with a nutella sandwich in their one hand and a coffee to go in their other, but there are also people who don´t have breakfast at all! I have to admit that I was the last type of person when I was in 10th grade. I wasn´t really hungry before school and I thought that eating nothing in the morning will also save some calories.  Oh gosh, I was so wrong! Breakfast is the most important meal during the whole day. It´s wrong to believe that skipping breakfast will help you to lose weight. In fact you take in more calories d by eating more at lunch or snacking all day. So the best thing to do is to eat a lot for breakfast, a little bit less for lunch and for dinner it should be the smallest amount. Furthermore, a good breakfast is crucial when it comes to concentration at the work place or in school. Imagine you are writing an difficult math exam and you can´t concentrate because your tummy rumbles so loud.  Seriously, I think you got it why it is so important. And I am happy that I went from a breakfast skipper to a breakfast lover. Every morning I eat my oats and milk. I literally can´t survive a day without eating those to things. But I additionally add some different ingredients every day, so it wan´t get boring. Here is an example:

Monday: +berries, chia seeds

Tuesday: + banana, almondmilk

Wednesday: Greek yogurt, granola and grapes

Thursday: peach and oats cooked (recipe here)

Friday:  apples, cinemon and nuts

Saturday and Sunday: I usually treat myself with crêpes, nutella rolls, croissants or french toast. Yumm!!

There are hundred different ways to change your breakfast oats. You should check out the amazing instagram page livelovethegym ,because she has many different and super delicious oatmeal recipe. She really inspires me and so I can variate a lot and be creative with my breakfast. Since I am not a coffee drinker, I start my day with a big cup of green tea.  It´s not only my favorite tea but also has a lot of health benefits. For example it increases fat burning, can reduce risk of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart decease, improves the ratio of good cholesterol, prevent wrinkles and aging of your skin… Sounds convincing.

So this is basically mt breakfast routine. I think it is an healthy and varied way to start your day right. If you have any question about this huge topic feel free to ask! Enjoy your next breakfast and I hope you liked my slightly different post today.

Your Célin

Healthy Peach Oatmeal



If I had to choose between eating just sweet or savory food the rest of my life, I would immediately answer: Sweet, sweet, sweet!! I mean I have such a sweet tooth or should I rather say a whole sweet set of teeth? But referring to my figure and a healthy lifestyle, this is certainly not the best attitude. Maybe you have the same problem like I do.
Luckily there are hundred of healthy, sweet and delicious recipes out there. I love to try new food and play a little bit with different ingredients to make my own version of it. I would love to share my variant of an healthy breakfast with you guys!


1 Serving

  • 1 1/2 cup of organic milk
  • 1/4 cup of organic steel cut oats
  • 1 peach
  • handful berries
  • handful nuts mix ( pecan, almonds, sunflower seeds)



* if you like you can also sweeten it with honey or agave syrup (depends how sweet you like your breakfast). I added 2 drops liquid stevia. 1

  1. Bring milk to boil.
  2. Stir oats and peaches and reduce to medium heat
  3. simmer uncovered about 30 minutes , stirring occasionally until liquid is absorbed
  4. Decorate with berries and nuts.
  5. Enjoy!

I hope you will like it as much I do. It´s a great healthy breakfast option. The oats will saturate you and you don´t feel hungry so quickly, because your stomach needs more time to split the oats to digest your meal. I also find out, that if I decorate my food and I put more effort in the appearance I have more fun eating healthy. Try it !